February 18, 2021

Weight loss exercises

Exercise is very important for a healthy lifestyle. It keeps you fit, active, smart, and vibrant. It burns calories and plays a key role to lose weight.  In addition to losing weight exercise also has many other health benefits including improved mood, stronger bones, and a reduced risk of many chronic diseases.

Here are the top 10 best exercises for weight loss.

Key Points:

Good things come to those who sweat!

1. Walking

Walking is a simple and most powerful exercise. It helps to trim your body, strengthen bones, improve your mood, and reduces the risks of many diseases. Some studies show that walking and other physical activities reduce age-related memory loss.

To start waking you need a pair of good shoes fitted shoes. Start walking and move your shoulders up back and then down. If you will walk 30 minutes daily then it will help to burn 150 calories in a day.

2. Jogging or Running

Jogging and running is an excellent exercise for weight loss. Although they look similar the main difference is that the jogging rate is commonly between 4–6 mph (6.4–9.7 km/h) while the running rate is faster than 6 mph (9.7 km/h).

Studies have shown that jogging and running can help to remove visceral fat which is generally known as belly fat. This type of fat has been associated with several chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Both jogging and running are the best exercises you can do anywhere at any time and are also easy to add to your daily routine. Try to jog for 20–30 minutes 3–4 times a week.

3. Cycling

Cycling is one of the famous exercises that can improve your fitness and also help you to lose weight. Studies have shown that people who cycle regularly have good fitness increased insulin sensitivity, and a lower risk of heart diseases and cancer compared to those who don’t cycle.

It is evaluated that a 155-pound (70-kg) person can burn about 260 calories after 30 minutes of cycling. Cycling is best for those who want to maintain their fitness levels.

4. Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way of exercise and to relieve stress. Commonly yoga is not a weight loss exercise but it offers many health benefits that can promote weight loss. A 12-week study in 60 women with obesity showed that women who practice yoga for 90 minutes a week experienced greater reductions in waist circumference than those who don’t practice yoga.

Apart from burning calories studies found that yoga can teach mindfulness, which can help you to avoid unhealthy foods, control overeating and also understand your body’s hunger signals. Many gyms offer yoga classes but you can also do it at home.

5. Lunges

The lunge is a great exercise because it impersonates life and walking. Lunges are more advanced than squats, helping to keep your body in balance.

Take a long step forward, keeping your spine in a neutral position. Bend your knee to about 90 degrees, focusing on one point by sitting on your back foot. To make your lunges more useful, try stepping not just forward but also back.

6. Aerobic Eercise

Aerobic exercise increases your heart rate and breathing. It is also very important for many important body factions as it keeps your heart and lungs working and increases endurance. Walk up a flight of stairs, will help you to improve heart and lung condition. Aerobic exercise also improves your muscle's work efficiency.

Aerobic exercise also lowers your blood pressure level, burn body fat, lowers blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, and boost mood. It can also lower “bad” LDL cholesterol levels that are associated with weight loss. Long-term aerobic exercise can also reduce your risks of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, stroke, breast, and colon cancer.

Erin Grey

 “Once you are doing exercise regularly, the hardest thing is to stop it.”

7. Pilates

Pilates is the best weight loss-friendly exercise for beginners. Although Pilates cannot burn calories as aerobic exercises like running, many people find it enjoyable which makes it easier to stick to overtime. One observational study found that women who perform Pilates for 90 minutes three times a week have reduced waist, stomach, and hip circumference.

 Pilates also helps to reduce lower back pain and improve your strength, balance, flexibility, and overall fitness levels.  You can do Pilates at home and can also join a gym. To further promote weight loss with Pilates you should combine it with a healthy diet.

8. Swimming

Swimming is a fun way to lose weight with a low risk of injury. It is estimated that a 155-pound (70-kg) person burns about 233 calories per half hour of swimming. One observational study in middle-aged women found that swimming for 60 minutes 3 times a week significantly reduced body fat, improved flexibility, and reduced many heart disease risk factors like high total cholesterol and blood triglycerides.

Swimming is a great option for those people who have injuries or joint pain.

9. Push-Ups 

If push-ups are done correctly then it can strengthen the chest shoulders, triceps, and also core trunk muscles all at one time. Pushups can be done at every level of fitness. To perform a perfect push up come into a face-down position, Keep your hands slightly wide than shoulder width. Place your toes on the floor and create a perfect diagonal with your body, from shoulder to foot. Then bend lower and lift your body by bending and straighten your elbows.

Then do push up with one arm raised out to the side, stay balance on the remaining three limbs without rotating your hips.

10. Resistance Exercise

Resistance exercises include activities such as weight training. Resistance training helps to improve body composition by increasing the size and density of muscles around the body. It can also promote the resting metabolic rate. The resting metabolic rate is the calculation of calories that the body burns at rest. Genetics and age have a significant influence on resting metabolic rate, but an increase in muscle can also make a minor difference.

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