February 2, 2021

What Is A Safe Rate Of Weight Loss On a Long-term Basis For Most Overweight People?

It is noticed that about 60% of the population is fat or have overweight. Losing weight is the predicament that so many of us are facing. We have found out that sitting on the desk working on the computer has led to immense disadvantages and one of them is us getting fat.

Though our conditions are not wanting as others, we need to cut down our weight and live healthily. During this modern lifestyle, every overweight person wants to lose weight by hook or crook. So here I suggest ways of weight loss on a long term basis. You will get your body shape after implementing these ways. (Anonymous)

A Large Amount Of Intake Of Water

  • For normal routine work, 1-2 liter water is necessary to drink. But it varies from individual to individual. It also helps your stomach to work properly. If you intake water before every meal.
  • You will surely lose weight after 10-12 weeks. It will be a long-lasting effect on your body. An overweight person may use water instead of beverages. It will help them to burn their calories. If you drink water before your meal you will reduce your appetite. As a result, you will intake fewer calories and burn your extra calories.

Role of water in weight loss

Key Point

During this modern lifestyle, every overweight person wants to lose weight by hook or crook.

A Habit of Regular Morning Walk

We all know about the advantages of a morning walk. Although it's difficult to act on this habit. But an Overweight person should be active. Morning walk helps to become active and burn calories on regular basis. (2020)

Do not walk too fast or too slow. None of these work. You must walk at a moderate pace and keep the swinging action of your arms. Do not carry any weights when you walk. Breathe well while you are walking. This is not half as complicated as it might seem right now. When you are following all these, you will end up consuming lots of calories.

Secrets of morning Walk

  • If you get tired during a walk you will sweat and this will burn your calories more rapidly. And if continues for 2-3 months you will surely lose your 40% weight.
  • For beginners, you have to walk 20 minutes in the start. After 3-4 days increase your time duration 30 minutes and so on. You will start your morning walk in slow motion. But after few days increase your speed and give it a look of jogging.
  • It will increase the rate of breath. And your body works rapidly as compared to a normal routine. More and more calories burn and you will get a rapid loss in your weight.

Regular Workout Routine

If you surely want to lose weight as it is embarrassing you. So you have to be determined on your plan. Start your exercise routine with a warm-up. It will boost your body and get your body ready for this routine. (Raman, 2017)

  • Regular workout includes belly games, thighs game, and legs game. The cells are in continuous motion and extra calories burn quickly. But you have to stick to your exercise plan. And don’t take any gap between your workout plan. It will disturb the body function and you will not lose your weight as you wish.
  • Also, try to increase the time of your exercise routine on daily basis. It will relax your mind and you will feel fresh and active. You feel free to work the whole day in a fresh mood. Also, you will feel that your body is getting to its shape. And that will give you confidence and willpower.
  • The most important thing you will keep in your mind during a workout routine. You will not use any supplements as they disturb your stomach, immune system, and bedtime capacity. These supplements are the major cause of heart attack. You have to use natural sources and a natural diet. Natural diet is discussed in the next point.

Diet Plan Of Healthy Food For Weight Loss

  • First and foremost you have to avoid fast food. It contains a large number of calories. Your body doesn’t need many calories it will again gain you more weight. Try to use fresh vegetable salad, Boiled eggs without york, warm water. These vegetables give you stamina only and no extra calories are present in them. Make a weekly chart of your diet routine.
  • If you will stick to your diet you will surely lose 50 to 60% of your weight. And it will be for a long term and your body also comes to its original shape. A fat person can carry every sort of clothes and it will also irritate sometimes.

Most people have eating habits when they feel sad happy or lonely. They use a large number of soft drinks fast food.

  • Psychologists suggest that whenever you try to do your bad habit there is a way to get rid of that habit. for example, if you u have a habit of eating all time .keep a pin in your pocket when you feel that you are trying to eat extra food. get your pin out of your pocket and press its tip on your finger. It will hurt you and you will divert from eating to pain.
  • If you continue this with pin You will surely get rid of your eating habit.it will control your calories. And prevent you from gaining overweight.

Tea is rich in antioxidants although it is said that tea has more of these. There are three types of antioxidants: thiols, ascorbic acid, and polyphenols. Tea is rich in polyphenols which activates the enzymes to block fatty substances thus burning fat and increasing metabolism thus promoting weight loss.

Avoid eating several hours before going to bed. Eat a little protein if you have to, but avoid carbohydrates. Carbs interfere with growth hormone production, which causes you to burn fat. Aim for eight hours of peaceful sleep a night. Don't sabotage the quality of your sleep with food! You will notice the power of these rapid weight loss ideas.

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